What Is Selenium RC?

From the very beginning, for a quite long time Selenium RC (Remote Control) was the leading framework for testing from the all Selenium product set.  It is a library, designed to manage browsers.

Performing website testing using Selenium RC, the specialists and ordinary users were able to utilize those programming languages which they preferred (Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, Python).

Now, this tool is not developed and improved, it is in a “frozen” state. Executing automated testing of the web products, software testing company more often uses Selenium WebDriver.

But still, one should review such tool peculiarities as the part of the Selenium set development.


What Are the Advantages of Selenium RC?

  • This tool may be utilized in different browsers and platforms.
  • Data-driven testing may be supported with its help.
  • The process of the operation fulfillment is faster performed in comparison with Selenium IDE.
  • It can conduct conditional and cycle operations.
  • It can easily support new browsers.

But, as known, conducting software testing, an expert cannot but face some challenges and difficulties. The same is with Selenium RC. Along with the pluses, there are some minuses.

What Are the Disadvantages of Selenium RC?

  • The programming skills are required for its usage.
  • Selenium RC server should be launched.
  • The interaction with the browser is less realistic.
  • The performance speed is slower than the Selenium WebDriver one.
  • The interface contains the commands which may confuse.

Rather often, Selenium RC is also called Selenium 1.0.