How to Install Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE is a plugin for the Firefox browser, hence, if this browser is not installed, then this will be the first step. It is important to remember that such tool supports only Firefox. Also, one should download Selenium IDE itself.

Selenium IDE Installation Steps

  1. Launch the Firefox browser and follow the link
  2. For reasons of safety, the popup notification will appear in Firefox. Click “Accept”.
  3. Wait until the browser completes the loading, and click “Install now”.
  4. Wait until the installation process will be completed. In the popup window, click “Restart now”.

Now Selenium IDE is installed on computer. One may begin working directly with the tool. Automated testing is often used with the Selenium toolset applying.


There are two ways of Selenium IDE launching:

  • clicking Ctrl+Alt+S,
  • clicking the Firefox menu button>Web Developer>Selenium IDE.

After one of the above-mentioned action is performed, the Selenium IDE window will open  and one may start working.

An installation process is very simple and quick. Selenium tool itself allows recording, editing, and debugging the tests. Executing automated mobile application testing, desktop checking or web application testing, the specialists simplify the task with the help of Selenium IDE.

This tool is not simply the mean of recording but also the full-fledged development environment (IDE - Integrated Development Environment). Conducting software program testing, software testing company is well acquainted with all features and advantages of the Selenium IDE tool usage.