Selection of Test Design Technique as a Step to Successful Software Testing

With the help of test design technique it is possible to understand how complicated the testing will be.But exactly using this technique makes testers think what exactly they will test and what results the want to obtain.

But even with the help of using test design technique it is difficult to predict everything up to the smallest details. It will not provide a mechanism to exercise 100% coverage. 

What technique should be chosen to perform the first-class software testing? Nobody knows the answer to this question. If it could be possible, do you think that this process would be so complicated? Of course no.

It is possible to try to choose the technique only in the case if it could be easy to understand the risk and in which component part it lies.

The choice of test design technique depends also on other factors like available documentation, budget, experience of testers, type of system, test objective, found bugs, developer‘s and even expectations of users.Rather much, isn’t it?

Some techniques can be used by software testing company in certain kinds of testing; others can be used in different kinds of software testing.

So it means that it is always possible to define some specific technique to any tested product? No, it is important not to forget any technique will not work perfectly for any tested software product. Only the combination of several will give you a high result. In any case it is better to reinsure yourself and avoid a variety of bugs.