Why Do We Need the Scripting Languages?

The development and software testing are the areas of the IT sphere which are tightly interrelated. And in order to effectively perform mobile testing or website testing, the QA specialists should be familiar with the core principles of programming.

For example, does each tester know what script and scripting language are? One should have a good look through it. So, script is a set of program instructions which are executed in the interpretive mode during the program run.

Scripting languages just interpret the scripts during the program run. The scripts are used for the performance improvement or common application task fulfillment. Scripting languages are:

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python, and others.

The scripts from the server’s side (for instance, PHP) are interpreted on the server, and the clients’ ones (JavaScript) - conducted by the client application.

The specialists who execute automated testing or load testing and performance well know the difference between the scripting languages and programming ones.

What Is the Difference Between the Scripting and Programming Languages?

  • Scripting languages are mainly used for the day-to-day tasks while the programming ones - for the development of the complex systems and applications.
  • The code starting does not need compilation, the program code cannot be performed without the preliminary compilation.
  • Frequently, scripting languages are embedded into another software environment. For example, PHP and JavaScript may be built into the HTML pages. Scripting languages do not require this.