Responsibilities of Software Tester

To perform effective planning and web site testing, software tester should have such range of qualities: good knowledge of the application, knowledge of the latest web technologies, understanding the types of tests and their applicability to the tested product, knowledge of several specific types of software bugs (in order to understand what to look for), knowledge of some web tools for testing and understanding of how to use them correctly.

Each software testing company should have specialists with the following responsibilities:

  • Determining the most problematic areas on which software testers should concentrate attention during preparing test plans;
  • Ability to determine, evaluate and reproduce software bugs effectively in the web environments (which can cause theincrease of the number of technological and environmental variables) break;
  • Ability to find more bugs of the same or similar class using existing bugs.

This diagram shows the skills and knowledge of good software tester.

Summing up,it is necessary to stress, that for the accomplishment all of these tasks, software tester should have a high knowledge of web environments and understand how environmental variables affect the testing of a particular product. Building on this knowledge, the tester can easily analyze customer requirements to produce an effective test plan.