Questions Related to Software Testing Company Activities

In order to specify and analyze software testing company activities, it is enough to find the answers to several questions concerning participants of these activities, their organization, and management. Let us find out, what questions should be asked.

Main Questions Concerning Software Testing

  • Who performs this or that software testing activity? Needless to say that software testing company has many employees each responsible for a certain activity. This question is closely connected to such questions as what are the major software testing activities?
  • When can we perform certain software testing activities? Software testing is directly connected to the quality assessment of certain software, so a prerequisite to actual testing is the availability of certain software units, components, or systems that software testing company engineers should examine through various test types (mobile testing, website testing, etc.). However, sometimes test preparation takes place at the early stages of software development. So usually the software testing of large software systems is conducted at several stages, starting from coding and then up to post-release product support. The related question is: can the specialized testing (centering more on certain products/situations rather than stages) be conducted?
  • Which process follows each software testing activity?
  • Is it possible to conduct automated testing? If it is, the related question will be: which specific tools should be used for specific applications?
  • Which tools are used to manage the overall software testing process and its related activities?
  • What is the connection between software testing and other defect-related issues?
  • Which hardware/software/organizational environment is the most suitable for software testing?
  • What is the type of tested product? To which market segment does it belong?

Usually, the most typical software testing methods can be applied to almost every application domain. However, there exist specific application domains, which require certain special software testing activities.

Of course, this list of questions is not enough for the thorough examination of software testing company activities. However, these are the questions that people are most likely to ask.

The answers to these questions can serve as the base for software testing classification and examination.