3 Questions for Software Testing Effectiveness Determination

Nowadays the competition in the software area is extremely high, that is why it is needed to do all possible in order to ensure the high product quality. Software testing is oriented exactly on this purpose.

To conduct the overqualified desktop testing or mobile testing is not an easy thing. The first thing that testers are going to face with within new project – a range of challenges and testing objects determination. Program Managers and QA Leads are to worry about the effectiveness, and it means - even at the initial stage – defining and working on the main items without which the productivity cannot be achieved.

3 Questions Which Help to Specify the Features of Testing Effectiveness:

  • How many defects does the software include at the first sight?
  • How many critical mistakes may the user face with under the main functional of the system?
  • How much does the found and fixed bug during the test process cost compared to the cost of the defect in the released product?

If the team is at the final stage of the work, the next stage is acceptance testing, what means that almost all bugs have been already found, but there is still no time for having rest. Depending on what the system is focused on, it necessary to determine the percentage of the found defects.

For instance, if the software is aimed for the vast quantity of users, the number of found issues should be at least 80-85%.  Multi-platform testing is also of good use. If the system is more inherently oriented and assigned to more tight number of users, the discovered errors should be not less than 95%.

Certainly, to discover all the errors is practically impossible, but the testing team has to use all its skills in order to provide the high quality level of the software and do everything to make the client be satisfied with the provided services.