How to Choose a Proper Selenium Tool?

In order to perform automated testing of the web product at a really high level, a specialist needs to select the most appropriate tools for the system checking.

Nowadays the whole range of the automation tools is available, but what of them to choose? What tool will help to make website testing more effective? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to analyze the advantages of those tools which are mostly suitable for the project.

Firstly, the Selenium series tools will be reviewed.

Why Is It Better to Use Selenium IDE?

  • The programming skills are not required for the test creation.
  • One may export the test cases to the different formats and also to RC and WebDriver.
  • One should use RunScript for the customized JavaScript usage.
  • It is suitable only for Firefox.


Now it is time to analyze the Selenium RC qualities. They are slightly different from the above-mentioned items. Among the Selenium RC peculiarities, the following ones should be highlighted:

  • capacity to be launched on the various OS and browsers;
  • more languages are available for the test creation;
  • if to apply Selenium Grid, then it is possible to deploy the tests in the diverse environment conditions;
  • one may check the web product through the AJAX scenarios.

Executing software testing, a team may also use WebDriver. This tool possesses such peculiarities:

  • one may create the customized test results;
  • the tests are fulfilled in HtmlUnit browser;
  • it is necessary to utilize certain programming languages for the tests creation;
  • it is possible to check the products with the functioning on AJAX scenarios.

Sometimes software testing company may also use Selenium Grid which gives an opportunity to simultaneously launch the Selenium RC scripts in the different browsers and OS, and perform large test suites as soon as possible too.

In order to fulfill functional testing or load testing with the help of the auto tests, the specialists need to use the appropriate tools.