The Problem of Large Data Volume in Software Testing

The modern society lives in the information age. People are simply covered by the mass of the useful and not so much information which remains available for 24/7. They are two sides of the same coin.

Software testing company also faces the problem of the volume of data which are used in the system or application. Due to the large volume of data, important and necessary information is without attention.

In order to system testing, automated testing, multi-platform testing, and other types of the software testing be effective, it is important to monitor the volume and the importance level of data which are used by the system under test. 

Comparing the previous year applications and nowadays ones, there is a consistent pattern: the modern applications operate the more and more volume of data. But the development tempo of the performance system significantly gets behind. With this regard, there is a necessity for application testing with the object amount of data. This number should reflect the real way the things are in order to avoid the very high expectations about the system functionality.

What Should Be Considered During Qualitative Product Development?

  • Information (what is, actually, the prerequisite for the application creation)
  • Servers
  • Network (the type and the coverage quality)
  • Potential users

Since the conditions for the quality checking are halfway suitable for the functionality values of the application or the system, there is no need to execute  software testing with its full load. A few years ago this statement was acceptable.  But the data volumes continually enhance, and the systems become the more and more complex. Thus, the above-mentioned statement is not effective anymore.

In order to close the test conditions to the real performance parameters, it will need the considerable capital investments and great efforts. Despite this, there is no guarantee that all possible defects will be fixed.

It is needed to fulfill mobile testing, desktop testing, and website testing at every system development stage and monitor all changes in the product functionality or interface.