PHP as a Scripting Language

The specialists who perform website testing are well acquainted with PHP. Primarily, this acronym meant “Personal Home Page”. But today it is used to mean Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is a standard scripting language from the server side. This language is utilized for such products creation as:

  • static websites,
  • dynamic websites,
  • web applications.

For PHP script working, PHP should be installed on server. While the clients’ computers require only a web browser for the access to the scripts.

What Does PHP File Consist of?

  • Special PHP tags.
  • It may include HTML tags.
  • From the client side - JavaScript.
  • An extension of such type is accordingly “.php”.

The majority of specialists who perform software testing, social network checking, e-commerce testing, website testing or testing of online stores, are well familiar as with HTML, as with PHP.

Conducting functional testing or performance testing, the specialists very often face PHP. The point is that more than 20 million websites and applications are developed exactly on PHP.

Also, the PHP syntax requires from the specialists knowledge and skills of working with the database management systems. Besides this, one should pay attention to the JavaScript and XML peculiarities too.

Main PHP Products Are:

  • social websites (Facebook, Digg)
  • CMS systems and blogs (Joomla, Wordpress)
  • e-commerce systems (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart)

Yahoo! and a well-known Wikipedia are also developed in PHP. This is all because this scripting language may be used with Oracle, Postgres, MS SQL Server, and others.