How to Improve the Peripheral Testing Skills?

Peripheral testing promotes the development of the high-quality bug-free product. Executing desktop testing, the testers should be concentrated and attentive.

But it is important not just to focus on one specified element but it also needs to concentrate on the common picture of the current test process. The specialists should definitely improve a capacity for peripheral testing. There are special recommendations for such type of testing skills enhancement.

What Promotes the Peripheral Testing Skills Improvement?

  • Dispersion. This is an ability to see everything around without specifically focusing on anything. Conducting functional testing, a specialist should be ready to detect those things which he did not search at all. If during the checking process something attracted the tester’s attention, one should not pass it by.
  • A habit of overlooking the done things. Performing load testing, a specialist cannot be permanently attentive and focused only on the process. By the end of the work, he is tired, and the level of the efficiency reduces. It is desirable to make a small break and step away from all doings. And then, to review the done work with the new efforts and the fresh head.
  • The testing zone. Fulfilling performance testing, a specialist should be maximally attentive. Preferably, to take away all distractive factors in advance. Nothing should promote the distraction of the tester focus. The workplace should be well and comfortably established.
  • Pair testing. It is much better to notice the bug if two experts are working upon the product testing. Software testing – a complex process which requires much attention and time.

There is nothing difficult in the peripheral testing skills improvement. The testers should apply the above-listed recommendations on practice. This will only enhance their work and make it more effective.