What Is Peripheral Testing?

Software testing company provides a range of different types of product testing services. Peripheral testing is one of the special kinds of testing. 

A tester may execute this type of checking without even noticing it. Peripheral testing does not involve the presence of the specified algorithm of performance or some specific methodologies and techniques. Software testing has a number of peculiarities and tricks.

Peripheral testing is closely connected with the peripheral vision. So, what is peripheral vision? During, for example, the basketball play a peripheral vision helps a player to get round the opponent and win the match. While a player is looking at one team member, with the help of the side vision he sees another open player of his team and suddenly passes him a ball. 


What Are the Peculiarities of Peripheral Vision?

  • With the help of peripheral vision, people are able to see things not only right in front of them but also what is moving or situated on the side. Peripheral vision – an ability to view something out of the corner of the eye.
  • An ability to peripheral vision appeared during evolution thousands of years ago. This capacity fulfilled and still fulfils a security function.
  • The skills of the peripheral vision can be improved and developed with the help of the special techniques.

Executing functional testing or usability testing, a specialist may notice some mismatches or errors in that product component which, in this case, should not be under a test. This is a time of peripheral vision. This ability is a very helpful and necessary for a tester.

Sometimes, it happens that surface bugs remain unnoticed because a tester did not set a goal to examine this product area but was ready to test one specified element.

Conducting system testing or any other type of testing, a newly tester is too focused on the one specified task and all around become invisible. One should avoid such situations and improve the peripheral testing skills.