One of the Ways of Measuring Progress of Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing or Web Site Testing

It is very important for a company to have a possibility of forecasting the time of beginning and finishing of important stages of their software product development and testing processes and the date of their project release.

A software testing company usually evaluates the level of a mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing completion and keeps other stakeholders in the loop of that.

One of criteria for measuring software testing completion is percentage rating of performed test procedures versus whole quantity of the project test procedures. This criterion enables a software testing company to determine percentage of test procedures that are not yet performed.


It is wise to evaluate not only the number of performed test procedures but the number of performed test procedures steps as well.

For instance, a test procedure involves 30 steps, from which 20 have been accomplished and 10 steps are not done yet. Evaluation of quantity of performed test procedures steps allows to have more accurate information about the level of the testing process completion.

One can keep and maintain information about performing software testing in custom elaborated matrix that includes various useful data about the testing process.

Such Matrix Should Comprise and Daily Update the Next Data:

  • identification information of the build under test;
  • register of test procedures;
  • percentage of completed test procedures;
  • quantity of accomplished and planned steps for each test procedure;
  • names of test engineers responsible for test procedures.

It is inconvenient to maintain such a matrix manually. That is why automated instruments are often used for this purpose. Consulting such database is useful for managing and planning works during web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.