One of Methods of Enhancing Testability of an Application

It is known that high testability is very important for every mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. It is very difficult to create software of high quality without it.

One of the means to enhance testability of the project is to keep data recording using recording mechanism.

These records are very helpful for a software testing company and for the development team. They allow monitoring the testing process and tendencies in defects’ appearance and simplify analysis of the system under test and software bugs fixing process.

Such records usually contain thorough information about what operations are performed, what areas and components of the tested software are involved and so on. These data are stored in a database or a disk file.

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The Main Issues that Such Records Should Include Are:

1. Time Mark of Every Log

Time mark must be very precise for every executed operation. It will help to determine interrelations between the events, even if they were performed on different unites and were entered in the records inconsistently.

2. Operation Class Name

In case an operation does not belong to any class the operation name should be mentioned. This data will help to define the location of the operation in the system.

3. Description of the Operation

It is the most essential part of every record. It gives detailed information about defects discovered during performing an operation and results of the performed actions.

4. ID of the Operation Performed and Host Name of the Unit at Which it Was Performed

This information is important for monitoring and tracking events of the web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.