Omega Tester's Social Skills

Software testing company hires the employees with the deep technical knowledge in this sphere. An incompetent specialist is necessary for nobody. However, not only knowledge is of great importance but the employee’s social skills too. 

The communication – the key to the successful and productive work. Sharing of thoughts and ideas promotes the fast solvation of the problems and the enhancement of one or another indicator.


What Are the Social Skills of Omega Tester?

  • The source of inspiration for the team. The main tester should motivate his team for the success achievement. Performing usability testing, no one will listen to the intrusive fly which buzzes over the ear and just prevents working.
  • Testing does not guarantee the quality. Functional testing or performance testing – not the key to the high quality of the product yet. Software testing just demonstrates the existed errors and faults. The developers work on these defects fixing, and the project manager is fully responsible for it. QA – a persistent work of all members of the software development cycle.
  • Continuous self-improvement. The understanding of the common picture of the software testing process is not enough for the high-level testing. It is important to improve and enhance oneself knowledge and skills. The more practice is taken place, the better results will be.
  • At arm’s length. As the practice shows, the results of the team, which members are close to each other, are more effective. Executing performance testing, it is important to share the data and to transfer the information. It is much easier to fulfil if the whole team is in one building.
  • Testing and development – unsymmetrical processes. The designer’s decision to make some changes in the product interface can result in a lot of work and problems for a tester.

This is far from being a full list of the professional tester’s skills. But following these recommendations, a specialist will soon feel the distinct improvements.