Aspects of Mobile Testing

Usually, during the check of mobile products, all attention is dedicated to functional testing, integration control, system testing, performance checking, security testing and etc.

But, nevertheless, some factors of the product utilization and the aspects of its system still remain without due cognizance.

What are the additional Aspects of mobile system checking?

  • Integration testing shows whether the installation time corresponds the period specified by the requirements, whether the installation is executed in a proper way and according to all criteria.
  • The deinstallation process should also be performed correctly.
  • The checking of system operation under the conditions of different types of network connection and various load levels.
  • Testing whether the system supports the function of hiding the passwords during their entering.
  • The checking of the front screen during the system loading.


Executing iOS testing and Android testing, the specialists should not also forget about the possible failures of the application functioning under the low-battery conditions and high performance; the consciences for the system after the battery recovery.

It often happens that the user inputs the data with the help of a keyboard and at this particular moment somebody is calling him or he receives a notification. In such a case it is necessary to check the behavior of the keyboard – whether it appears after the end of the call and whether the data input earlier will be saved.

It may seem, that these nuances are not so crucial but they affect the experience of utilizing the application – the user will not be glad after facing the above-mentioned errors of the app work.