Mobile Testing Overview: What is a AJAX Application and How to Test It?

If you want your software testing company to make it to the top list, be sure to have several mobile testing specialists in your team. Mobile application testing is an important part of the software testing process as the mobile market is rapidly developing and so the software created for it is becoming more and more complex and sophisticated.

One of the types of mobile applications is an AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) application. Let’s talk more about it.

What is an AJAX Mobile Application?

When such type of an application is developed for a mobile device, the focus shifts on different issues. Thus, less emphasis is put on animation but more attention is paid to application size and the client-server protocol design.

Some devices may include a cache within the web browser for content downloaded from servers. This is a plus for usability and besides it improves the performance of certain applications.

However, the cache of a mobile device is tiny if compared to the desktop browser one. AJAX makes extensive usage of JavaScript and they are not likely to fit into the mobile browser’s cache. Of course you can compress the file, however it will complicate the possibility of using automated tests and make the overall automated testing process more complex.

Which Problems Can You Face When Testing AJAX Applications?

  • Not all of the mobile devices support automated tests;
  • Application behavior is not synchronic;
  • The application may consist of large compressed blocks of JavaScript that pushes the browser to the limits;
  • Different browsers on different mobile devices differ in features, capabilities and behaviors;
  • If you use a desktop web browser, there will be a significant difference in capabilities and characteristics of that browser as compared to the mobile device one.