Mobile Testing: Key Factors

For every business, small and large, time is money and it is necessary to be able to manage these resources properly and effectively. Such a position also is typical for the development and testing of software products of different types.

In the modern world, everything happens very fast and users have become more demanding and impatient. That is why the development and release of the product should not be overlong, especially, if to talk about mobile programs.

It is important to have the process optimized but at the same, time the quality of the application or system under development should not decrease. An important part is played by continuous testing that that promotes the improvement of the software quality by removing the majority of system bugs of various types.

Every checking type, mobile application testing, web testing or desktop testing, is conducted by applying the specific methodologies and techniques. Performing mobile testing, the specialists are focused on the particular aspects of the product as well as of the specifics of its utilization. 

What are the main aspect of mobile testing?

  • The interaction between software and external factors: the opportunity to connect to other devices and the interruptions of the program work.
  • Core functionality: the conditions for proper work of the application, undersigned tasks, user interface, redirection.
  • Structure: the compatibility with the platforms of different types and versions, the updates of mobile software, an extension of the volume for data storage (the possibility to use SD cards).
  • Mobile devices: the specifics of software and hardware, also the device settings necessary for the proper functioning of the product.
  • Security and integrity of data during the app usage, data passing, making purchases, etc.

It is important not to neglect the checking procedure of the product usability. For this purpose, UI testing and usability testing are conducted.