How to Prepare for Automated Mobile Testing?

Frequently, software testing company is far from being happy when it is necessary to perform mobile testing. How hard can it be?

The problem is there is a plenty of diverse devices and OS versions nowadays. Thus, it is impossible to execute the qualitative system or application checking on all available devices, especially if it is manual testing.

With this regard, many companies try to improve the testing effectiveness with the help of automation. And really, automated test scripts are a good decision under the limited time conditions.

Nevertheless, it needs to follow some recommendations concerned the automation principles implementation to the mobile software product checking process.


What Is Important to Know About Automated Mobile Checking?

  • Auto tests prime cost is rather high. Thereafter, one should accurately plan and analyze the process. Business analytics and managers are required to determine what exact product areas should be automated and compose the financial strategy based on the received results.
  • It is of great importance to define which types of automation tools should be used (cloud-based tools, object or hybrid). The choice is made according to the automation purpose. Sometimes the product success depends on the decision accuracy as both back-end and user interface of the mobile application or program should not contain bugs.
  • One should not forget that the automation tools are to be suitable for the system checking as on the real devices, as well as on the simulators. Especially, if a tool price is rather high.

If a company intends to take mobile testing to a new higher level, then the detailed price specification and rational choice of the testing tools are, undoubtedly, required. If everything was executed in a proper way, then software testing would be qualitative and effective.