Mobile Application Testing: How to Test Markup Applications?

Mobile application testing is something you should be acknowledged with is you want to make it into a good software tester.

One of the mobile application types you can face in your work is markup application. Let us discuss which types of software testing you can conduct for it and how you can do it.

First of all, you should try to integrate automated testing to the greatest possible extent. Typically, automated tests of markup applications will use either a protocol library or a browser-based automation library for HTTP requests and responses.

Experience has shown that both methods can prove to be effective.

In order to quickly see the content returned to a certain mobile device, you can use a web browser. A special add-in will be needed so that the web site would see the request as the one that comes from a particular mobile device.

Automated Testing of Browser Applications

What should you do to get started with test automation?

  • Use special commands in order to send HTTP requests and receive the responses.
  • Verify that the HTTP response contains the information you were willing to obtain (check the HTTP status code, content type and length).
  • Use the method of pattern matching.
  • Include such a user-agent string that would match the specific mobile phone one.
  • Consider adding additional HTTP header.
  • Think of adding code aimed at detecting faults (write error messages that should not be present in the responses).