Testing: Men Against Women

The number of women, involved in the software development sphere and software testing, causes a lot of talks and conflicts.

Some people make clear that this is not a woman’s deal and that it is hard for women to work with applications and various systems. According to such people’s opinions, IT – solely man’s field.

Other people are sure that women can be even better specialists in testing and development than men. 

The root of this eternal problem is covered in cognitive differences between the two genders. These differences do not predetermine who is smarter and more inventive. Cognitive mismatches only show the different ways of the perception of the world around. 

What Are Cognitive Differences of Male and Female Genders?

  • Women adapt to environmental changes quicker than men. Besides, they better and faster remember various details and nuances. Executing unit testing, integration testing, black box testing, women can effortlessly use this feature.
  • In order to describe or explain something, women need more words. With regard to the verbalization, men here are very practical and do not waste the words.
  • Men are able to focus more carefully and over a much longer time than women. By conducting multi-platform testing or load testing, men can work longer and more efficiently during the day.
  • The female gender prefers to talk about different topics that sometimes are even unconnected with each other. Men frequently touch on one theme during the conversation. Besides, they try to immediately move to the fact of the matter. Women like to talk about secondary things first and then about the main ones.

These differences do not make women good or bad specialists in testing. Everything depends on skills and desire to work and improve. The number of women-testers continuously enhances.

The same result can be achieved by both women and men but in different ways. Software testing company controls the absence of some prejudices related to the possible differences between the sexes.