What Is Maintainability Testing?

Checking of how easily it is to maintain a system is the main aim of this testing type. The system or application support involves analysis, modification, and testing the product. Often, software testing company executes such type of checking.


What are the categories of product maintainability?

  • Corrective maintenance - fixing the problems. The system maintaining may be specified in the context of time, spent for diagnostics and errors removal, detected in the system.
  • Perfective maintenance - the system’s modifications. The maintaining may be measured by the number of efforts which are necessary for performing the required system improvements.
  • Adaptive maintenance - adaptiveness to the changes in the special environment. The maintaining may be defined by the number of forces which are required for the system adaptiveness.
  • Preventive maintenance - the actions for reducing expenditures, needed for system support.

Perfective maintainability testing may be performed, recording the time, spent for the successful executing the specified part of the system capabilities (e.g., a change to the databases). The certain number of tests should be run per an average time calculated. If it is possible and all requirements for the system maintainability are met, then checking is conducted in a proper way.

Frequently, software product testing (game testing, desktop checking, mobile application testing, and web app testing) includes a set of special techniques and methodologies. All aspects of the product and its development process are analyzed and detailed.