What Are Last Recent Trends in Software Testing Sphere?

The IT sphere is very dynamic and develops rather rapidly in diverse directions. And software testing has different peculiarities and tendencies.

Some specialists confirm that recent trends of testing development are automated testing, cloud, and mobile testing which are oriented to exactly business-problems.

But are these tendencies really new and necessary? Certainly, they are important for the qualitative product checking. But the above-listed testing peculiarities are fully established and well-known to each tester.


What Recent Testing Trends Are Worth Noticing?

  • Performing user acceptance testing, a team always receives much new information directly form the users. This promotes the better understanding of the need and wants of the end users and, besides this, helps to avoid some errors repeating during the product release. Thereafter, the experienced testers turn into “data analyst” and succeed in this area.
  • The duties of each team member, working on the project, are not strictly specified and previously established anymore. Today developers, testers, analysts, and designers work together in order to create more qualitative and well-thoughtful software product. In this approach, some weakness of one of the specialists will be removed by the strong sides of another.
  • More and more developers begin to write and test their code in detailed, ensuring the testers, hence, more qualitative product. This substantially simplifies the QA-specialist’s work but does not replace it anyway.
  • There is a tendency to test the new functional directly on production, not under the conditions of imitation or patterns. Such approach allows revealing the bugs' introduction which cannot be discovered on the emulator.

Certainly, software testing company may do not agree that the aforesaid trends are new ones. But, nevertheless, that is indeed the case in the scope of IT sphere development.