What Languages and Tools Are Used for Test Automation?

Nowadays there are tools, which allow automating the creation of the automated tests. It is not necessary to be a developer. Test cases can be easily automated if they are briefly and unambiguous determined.

It Should Be Clearly Described:

  • preparatory test conditions;
  • expected test result;
  • test post-conditions.

Special business simulation languages are used for the description. Such languages differ from the programming ones. They are developed for the business people rather than for the software developers. 

Such language can be created purposely for the project or the company. They are assigned in order to simplify and standardize functional testing, compatibility testing, security testing, etc.

However, the developed language can perfectly fit the project or the company, many specialists performing websites testing, desktop testing, mobile application testing insist on the idea that it is not profitable to create a new business simulation language. Designing of such language and staff training to work with it require much time and expenses.

It is a good idea to use the existed language, such as the business simulation language, the unified modeling language and so on.

There are tools, which include the frameworks for the popular languages of such a kind. LabVIEW Development Environment is also effective while automated testing preparation.