No Enough Time! What Should Be Tested First?

The employees of all big corporations and companies can appreciate and rightly manage the time. There is software testing company among these ones. Nowadays, time and resources are the most valuable for people.

Testers suffer from the lack of time. It is impossible to check absolutely all necessary system elements and all aspects of the application functionality. It would take the whole life and sometimes even more.

Conducting desktop testing or website testing, it is hard for a specialist to define what exactly needs to be tested first. The test manager often solves the problem like this. This person is well acquainted with the client’s requirements, the product specification and the peculiarities of its functioning, the team facilities, and so on. The test manager is responsible for the tasks allocation among the team members and its priority determination.


But what should be done in the case of team manager absence? Which system component should be tested first? In this case, a tester independently defines the task priority. Executing mobile testing or software product testing, the specialist follows his own experience, technical documentation, project deadline, and other factors. Having everything considered, a tester specifies a task with the highest priority and starts testing.

Some specialists insist that application or system functionality testing is the most important. But the difficulty is that the functionality may include the majority of options. What should be done in this case?

What Functionality Characteristics Should Be Tested First?

  • The most important from a position of the purpose of the product development.
  • Parameters, visible for the users.
  • Aspects which mostly impact the data security.
  • Functionality having a big financial influence of the users.

But except the functionality characteristics, there are many other system components which also should be definitely tested. These include the most difficult code elements (high degree of errors availability), developed in a rush system components – all main troubled elements of the product.