What Should an Expert in Security Testing Know?

There is no doubt that security testing together with functional testing, usability testing and load testing is among compulsory activities during any software development process.

Each testing type has its specificities and requires peculiar knowledge from the testers. That is why test engineers usually specialize in verifying a certain aspect of software products like functionality, performance, security, etc.

A test engineer may work manually or using various tools, one can also automate some routine processes and execute automated testing.

Testers often work most of the time at software products of a similar type, this allows them to thoroughly study the products and become experts in game testing, desktop software testing, social network testing and so on.

In Order to be Good in Security Testing of Web Software One Should at Least:

  • be familiar with HTTP protocols and principles of data exchange between a client computer and the server by means of them;
  • know what SQL queries are, principles of their functioning, what operations they can perform in software databases;
  • -understand what cross-site scripting means and how it is used by cyber-attackers.

It is important to describe security defects clearly and in details. It helps the programmers to figure out the essence of the errors and correct them quickly.