Is it Possible to Create Ideal, Error Free Software Nowadays?

Software developers are often discontented with testers. Sometimes software engineers complain against quality of mobile testing, desktop testing, web site testing, but often their discontent is based on various personal convictions and mood.

Every software engineer dreams about creation of perfect, error free application. Efforts of all members of each project are focused on achieving this goal. A lot of instruments are elaborated for this purpose. Many of them are very helpful and popular.

These Instruments are Useful and Increase Efficiency of Software Development:

  • new programming languages, in particularly, Java;
  • various libraries for programming, for example, C++ Standard Template Library;
  • different styles and methods of programming, for instance, object oriented programming, the test-driven development programming style, agile software development processes;
  • automated testing, divers tools for it, automation of unit testing.


The variety of instruments and well-thought-out promotion of the instruments made some developers think that with such tools and techniques they can write ideal programs that will not require testing, as the programs will contain no errors. Some programmers even claim that in the nearest future they won’t need software testers at all.

But experience has proven that at present there is no software without errors. Any software testing company can demonstrate that. Modern applications are complex, sophisticated systems, they operate in complex environment, a great many factors influence their operation.

So, in the nearest future software testers will be needed for each software development process despite of utilizing the latest instruments and methods of programming.