IoT Testing Approaches

IoT (Internet of Things) is a very popular sphere which continuously grows and develops. Devices of such kind simplify routine tasks and give a new life to the old things. Such technologies give users an opportunity to easily manage something via special applications.

Thus, for example, it is possible to switch off the light in the kitchen or in a bathroom without standing up the sofa and there is no need to clap. Or another situation: you forgot to lock the garage or the house on the hop - not a big deal. A special application and device will help you to easily correct this mistake.

Besides, IoT technologies are used in the sphere of wearable technologies, healthcare, transport, and etc. The process of creating such products is rather complex, as well as IoT devices testing.

What are IoT product testing approaches?

  • The main aspect of devices of such kind - usability. Besides, the products should be portative and not too big. Frequently, a notification system also alerts about errors and sends warnings.
  • Security testing plays a great role for IoT products. Data synchronization process should be not only established but also protected from the external actions.
  • Data may be transferred either via the Internet or via Bluetooth. Performing software testing, the specialists pass diverse scenarios in order to check the device behavior under different levels of network and under other conditions.
  • In terms of IoT products for the medicine sphere, then performance testing deserves a special attention. The number of patients in the hospital may be large.
  • It is important that the applications for devices support different OS types and their versions. The errors of such kind are defined by compatibility testing.