Briefly About Selenium IDE

There is a set of tools for the qualitative execution of automated testing of different web products. Selenium is one of such product series. Now it will be discussed one of its components, namely Selenium.

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – the simplest framework of this set. Besides, it is the easiest to use. Relatively often,  software testing company uses such tool.

In short, it is a plugin for the Firefox web browser. It is installed as any other plugin. But Selenium IDE can be used only as a prototyping tool. For the more complex test cases creation, it is necessary to use other Selenium products.

Performing web application testing by using Selenium IDE, the specialists may experience a set of advantages.


What Are the Pluses of Selenium IDE?

  • Its installation and usage are easily fulfilled.
  • It does not require the specified programming skills (except HTML and DOM).
  • With its help, one may export the tests into the formats which are supported by Selenium RC and WebDriver.
  • It contains built-in help function.
  • Reports module of the test results is also built-in.

But conducting automated performance testing or functional testing, a team also faces certain minuses of the Selenium IDE using.

What Are the Disadvantages of Selenium IDE?

  • This plugin is available only in Firefox.
  • Only test prototypes may be created.
  • It does not support the iteration operations.
  • The speed of the test fulfillment is rather slow.

As a result, automated testing with Selenium IDE possesses the advantages, as well as the disadvantages. These peculiarities should be considered before applying such tool.