What Information is Useful for Choosing the Proper Automated Testing Methods and Tools?

Test automation is included in every software development project. Fast writing of effective and maintainable automated tests is not an easy task. x-Unit testing frameworks provide helpful tools for such tasks.

A lot of methods of writing automated tests by means of x-Unit frameworks have been developed by programmers and experts in automated functional testing, regression testing, load testing, etc.

Most of the methods are in use for more than a decade and one can find plenty of information about them. The books and articles on using x-Unit frameworks usually explain specificity of using the instruments. Different automated testing specialists prefer applying different techniques during mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing. 

Unfortunately, There are Few Books and Articles Explaining:

  • when each technique and tool is the most effective;
  • under what situation one shouldn’t use this or that automated testing method or instrument.

This particular information helps novice automated test engineers to make the conscious choice of the tools and approaches.

Some testing tasks are rather complex and cannot be solved by means of one tool and one practice. One should have substantial knowledge and skills in using automated testing methods and tools in order to be able to select the most suitable combination of them for every situation.