Importance of Setting First Objectives in Test Planning

Sometimes it is unachievable to find all software bugs and to come up to the deadlines. So priorities should be set for software bugs and appropriate test strategies should be chosen.

It will make web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing more efficient.

To elaborate a proper test plan, project manager must be able to separate first objectives from the whole testing process. Test planning demands thorough comprehension of each part of testing process that is important for succeeding in mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

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Usually first objective of one test stage differs from another stage’s first objective of the same project. For instance, first objective for testing user interface varies from first objective of security testing.

Ability to see and separate first objectives and their closely related testing tasks is essential for a good project manager.

So, a project manager reviews all the requirements documents, prepares testing strategy and dispenses roles and responsibilities between testing team.

A good project manager does the same and also sets first objectives and makes sure that all the members of software testing company have deep understanding of testing aim, first objectives and all the aspects of a testing process and software requirements.