Implementing UCD into Your Software Testing Company

If you are sure that your software testing company is already a pro in conducting usability testing and you have a good team of professional testers, you can go further in improving your skills and start implementing user-centered design (UCD) into the work of your company.

This method proves to be not only very effective and beneficial, but also is great fun. Once your company reaches this stage of development, you may consider yourself to be on top, because for now this is the limit. The future development of new technologies and wide human imagination will show what will lie beyond this limit.

User-centered design is not limited only to the process of product development, it touches upon the whole product life cycle, the users’ experience connected to this product and even its testing. No matter which type of testing you conduct, be it mobile testing, web site testing, or any other software testing type, if the tested software was developed based on UCD methodology, you should also base your testing on it in order to obtain good results.

User-centered design is of great help for usability testing, as it helps to reveal all the details.

Let us imagine a user needs to buy something from an online-store and wants the product to be delivered to a certain place.

Which Questions Should Be Answered?

  • Is the offered service responsive and efficient?
  • How much time did a user spend on searching what he/she needs?
  • Was it hard to make an order?
  • Is it possible to deliver a product to where exactly the user wants? etc.