Unquestionable Evident of Testing Eternity

Very often a tester becomes a witness of the discussions towards the soon death of testing as an IT sphere area. Far too much has been said about it, however, it is worth figuring out in this one more time.

Why Is Software Testing Immortal?

  • On the first try, it is impossible to create a product which would be absolutely free of errors and mismatches. Thereafter, functional testing and performance checking are inevitable. Besides, any following code modifications may lead to new mistakes which are detected during regression testing.
  • There will always be users who do not like the product design or a certain button location. Usability testing will help to reveal and remove such inexactness.
  • Some users neglect the instructions and operational guideline of the product and start to make “strange things” with an application or a system. Software testing will help to recreate such user’s behavior.
  • The developers will not be able to say for sure which load level the product will undergos and which does not. Load testing exists for this purpose.
  • Can a development team be sure of the security of data used in the product? Security testing may give an answer.


There are still many nuances which one may check, using a certain type of software testing. For example, whether the application launch be successful on different OS versions and platforms; whether the disagreements and possible misunderstandings between the developers and functional department will led to the new system bugs occurrence.

A plenty of factors affects the product functionality and working capacity of all project members. Software testing exonerates a certain part of responsibilities from the development team’s shoulders.

Thus, till development is alive, software testing will exist.