How to Tailor a Resume for Position of a Tester?

A well-customized resume is the key for an interview invitation in any software testing company. One should take time to write it thoroughly and think about what impression the information that he or she provides will leave on the potential employer.

A resume should create an overall positive impression about the applicant and induce HR managers to invite him or her for an interview.


Major Guidelines on Resume Writing:

  • a resume must be informative but not excessive; too much irrelevant information will make it hard to perceive;
  • information in a resume must be allocated logically;
  • the objective should be written at the top of the first page;
  • the applicant should mention his or her professional skills and abilities in manual or automated testing at the first page, as well as professional experience in mobile testing, desktop testing, web site testing;
  • there should be no spelling mistakes in a resume; a softwaretestingcompany is interested in smart and educated employees;
  • it is wise to write only truthful information in a resume; false education or experience can be easily exposed;
  • a resume should contain contact information on the first page, that is, name, e-mail and phone number.

Following these guidelines will help to create a professional resume that attracting attention of HR managers and facilitating job search.