How to Provide Good Navigation for a Testing Program Through an Application?

It is known that testing programs should be parted into logical modules. This will make them more maintainable and flexible and this way reduces costs of a mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Each function or a group of functions should be put into a separate module. The modules may be addressed form different points of the testing program. If it is necessary to alter something, the alterations will be needed to make only in a certain module.

One of modules of a testing program should be created for navigation through the software user interface. It is very important to make this function flexible and as independent and as possible from changes in the software user interface.

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A testing program may use different issues for navigation in the tested application.

Mostly the Navigation is Performed:

  1. By means of tabs, hot keys or mouse clicks.
  2. Basing on names of windows or HTML-documents.
  3. Through position of the objects on the screen.
  4. By means of names of the user interface objects.

A software testing company advises to apply the last variant because object names are least likely to change in difference from objects locations, hot keys and names of HTML-documents.

Anyway, modularizing of test scripts saves costs and efforts during mobile testing,desktop testing or web site testing.