How to Perform Gesture Tour During Mobile Testing?

One of the approaches that should be utilized during mobile testing is gesture tour. This approach assumes trying all possible gestures to each software product screen.

It is an efficient technique for manual testing. But it is inapplicable for web site testing and desktop testing as personal computers are not equipped with touch screens.

On Each Screen the Gestures Should be Tried on Every Item, in Particular On:

  • buttons;
  • links;
  • text boxes;
  • slider bars;
  • empty spaces without any objects.

Mobile devices distinguish many gestures. One should try them all on items of the tested application.


Gestures That Should be Tried on a Mobile Software Product:

  • tapping is utilized for opening links, activation of software and its functions;
  • double tapping, pinching and spreading are utilized for zooming in and out various items, for instance, images or text boxes;
  • pressing is utilized for work with some functions;
  • pressing and dragging is utilized for moving items on the screen or changing orientation;
  • swiping is utilized for removing items or for locking and unlocking screens;
  • shaking is utilized in order to return a software product to its initial state or for clearing inputs;
  • rotating is mostly utilized in gaming applications.

A software testing company says that it is good to try other gestures supported by the device and tested program during mobile application testing.