How to Make a Software Product User Friendly?

Today software products are complex sophisticated systems. In order to execute mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing properly testers should look at the software from various perspectives, as different people will use the application under test.

Each user is a unique personality and interacts with a software product in his or her own way. Unfortunately there is no possibility to create custom software version for each user, but nowadays one can make a program user friendly for the majority of people.

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Software producers can do it if usability testing is performed thoroughly, considering various types of the software users.

Sometimes producers cannot afford full-scale research of the application users. But a software testing company insists that checking if the application is usable for various people must not be omitted.

In Course of any Software Testing it is Important:

  • to watch how end-users interact with the software product under test, to find out what problems they face;
  • if the users cannot be involved testers should pretend to be representatives of the user types and work with the application the way such people would do.

These simple methods greatly increase effectiveness of usability testing and help to reveal significant software bugs.