How to Insure Proper Usability of Mobile Software?

Business struggle on mobile software market is tough nowadays. There are a lot of mobile software products that can be used for similar purposes.

If developers want their applications to be saleable they must make them user friendly and useful. Usability issues are of great importance for modern mobile software products. That is why a software testing company recommends paying much attention to usability testing.

Finding significant usability defects in course of a mobile application testing as well as during desktop testing or web site testing is not as simple as it seems. Testers usually find defects in logic, evident problems with interface and paths in a software product.


But Mobile Applications Are Utilized by Different People:

  • people of various ages;
  • people of diverse education;
  • people all kinds of professions;
  • people with different skills and knowledge about modern technologies.

Teenagers utilize an application in a different way than senior people do it. Housewives use software products elsewise than managers. In order to create a software product that satisfies all the categories of users it is wise to perform user tour during mobile testing.

In course of user tour the tested mobile software is utilized the same as each user category does that. In order to perform user tour it is necessary to learn manner, style and habits of usage of each user category.