How to Increase Efficiency of Manual Testing?

A test engineer works effectively if he or she can find many critical, serious errors of different  types for a short time performing web site testing, desktop testing or  mobile testing.

This skill is important because software development projects often are very limited in time, and time is frequently saved with sacrifice in software testing.

A lot of approaches and methods have been elaborated in order to increase efficiency of manual testing.

A Test Engineer will Work More Productively if He or She:

  • carefully studies the program, its structure, peculiarities of functioning, domain before proceeding to usability testing, functional testing, localization testing, etc.;
  • pays due attention to preparation of the tests; writing test cases, one should aim to find serious errors; the test cases must cover in details the main functionality of the program;
  • clearly determines expected results of the tests;
  • provides sufficient and varied test data;
  • prepares different environments for testing in order to test the application in various operating systems, browsers, devices;
  • relies on his or her experience and uses tests that helped to find serious errors during one of the previous projects.

Experienced testers advise also to make breaks in order to take mind off things and relax for a while. Such breaks help to remain cheerful, attentive and concentrated during the whole testing process.