How to Improve Functional Testing of a Mobile Application?

There are no doubts that functional testing is one of the main parts of any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. In order to execute it thoroughly it is wise to go beyond mere checking if actual functionality of the tested software complies with the declared in the specification.

A software testing company usually wants its testers to explore the application functions and features basing not only on the requirements but on their experience of software usage and feelings about the application.


It is also good to observe in course of mobile testing how the tested software product works with various settings of the device.

During Functional Testing of a Mobile Application it is Recommended to Observe How the System Behaves When:

  • location services are turned off;
  • the tablet or the smartphone is in airplane mode;
  • alerts for messages and incoming calls are turned off;
  • automatic checking and informing about new e-mails is activated;
  • incoming calls are forwarded;
  • screen reader is activated;
  • screen colors, font size are altered.

In course of such exploration unexpected errors and weird software features may be discovered. In this case functional testing of a mobile system is more fruitful and complete.