How to Implement Changes in Requirements Correctly

Any changes in the requirements must be implemented properly and carefully documented. Keep in mind that altering requirements will have a great impact upon designing, code writing and web site testing, desktop testing, mobile testing.

A good idea is to implement a change request process which includes such elements as Change Control Board, change-request forms and requirements-management tool.

Elements of a Change Request Process:

1. Change-request Form

All request changes must be done through a change-request form – a special record sheet in which all the important data for change request process are input. Change-request forms are considered by the Change Control Board.

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2. Change Control Board

Change Control Board is an establishment providing that all the requirements changes are discussed, estimated, reconciled and properly recorded.

The members of a Change Control Board usually are delegates from requirements management, software testing company management, configuration management, product management and QA teams. Change Control Board meetings can be nonscheduled and gather when it is necessary.

3. Requirements-management Tool

Requirements-management tool is used to follow the requirements changes. Any change in the requirements should be displayed and updated in the requirements-management tool.

The tool will highlight the parts of design, code, testing on which it has an impact. So, all the project parties will know about the changes on time and will be able to do necessary adjustments.

Well-organized change request process simplifies and improves information sharing between the project parties and have a positive influence on mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing.