How to Handle the Problem of Concurrent Work of Many Users With the Same Data?

IT sphere is rapidly developing nowadays. Software products become more sophisticated and are designed to satisfy more users’ needs.

That makes developers to face many different challenges again and again. A software testing company must check the relevance and correctness of the performed solutions during web site testing,desktop testing or mobile application testing.

One of the challenges of modern software products, web-applications in particular, is providing work of many users with the same data simultaneously.

An application usually enables several users to add and edit different records at the same time, customer orders, for instance. The system creates a separate entry for each record in its database and the entries do not interact with one another. But how an application will behave if several users are changing the same record simultaneously?

3 Software Behavior Models Are Common in Such Situation:

  1. The application forbids editing the data everybody, but the first user who accessed the data.
  2. The application allows reading and editing the data but saves only changes of the user who updated them first.
  3. The application allows all the users to change the record but saves only the last variant.

Each model has its strengths and weaknesses that must be considered when creating a software product and executing mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.