How to Gain Domain Knowledge Sufficient for Verifying Quality of the Application?

At present software products are utilized in all areas of activity and for entertainment. They serve as useful instruments for performing banking operations, assisting in healthcare, production of different goods and so on. More and more applications are developed for different purposes.

A software testing company may have no testers specializing in the required domain, and give the task to execute web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing to a test engineer, who is not familiar with the application domain.

software testing company

In order to cope with the task the test engineer should prepare before proceeding to manual or automated testing and familiarize himself or herself with the program domain.

It is Reasonable in Such a Situation To:

  • explore the application;
  • study the application user manual and help;
  • inquire about the software domain;
  • find and examine similar software products, compare the tested application with them;
  • attend special courses in order to gain at least basic understanding of the domain.

Having done this, one will not become the domain expert, but can get sufficient domain knowledge to thoroughly verify quality of the software product. A good tester should have a broad outlook and be interested in everything, not only in software testing.