How to Elaborate an Efficient Test Procedure for Functional Testing?

It is known that any testing processis usually split on functional testing, security testing, compatibility testing, load testing andusability testing.

As a rule, the most essential part of any testing process is functional testing. Its main goal is to determine whether or to what extent the tested system executes its tasks and meets the requirements.

Test procedure for functional testing should derive from the software functional requirements.

It is known that thoroughly prepared requirements are good background for any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. The requirements must be testable, thorough, clear and detailed.

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Unfortunately, software requirements are not always prepared as they should have been. The correlation between the requirements is not always easily understandable and the system peculiarities and complexities are often not explained.

In such cases software testing company has to examine the project, learn its structure and behavior in order to elaborate the most suitable test procedure.

To create efficient test procedure, a tester must find out how an alteration of one system element influences other elements and the whole system and create test cases covering all the parts affected by the alteration.

Elaboration of an efficient test procedure for functional testing always demands much attention and efforts even if well prepared software requirements are available.