How to Economically Benefit from Usability Issues?

One of the small business tricks that can stimulate work productivity is listing benefits of performed  software  testing.

Usability testing should prove that the implemented methodology of user-centered design pays for itself.

5 Tips on How to Make Profit of Usability:

  1. One way in which you can do it is to set particular economic-related objectives within your organization. This will not only make the work more productive, but also will be a good motivation.
  2. You may give your employees a specific task, like for example limiting the number of pages of your product manual without the loss of its usability and effectiveness.
  3. If you have a big company, make your development and marketing departments cooperate in order to solve usability problems.
  4. After the product development, consult a qualified software testing company in order to conduct usability testing. Having received testing report, collect as much additional data as possible. It may be customers’ emails, market surveys or product market reviews. Analyze the obtained information for usability issues.
  5. Use the data about the previous product’s usability mistakes as the basis for the next product. The main usability objective of the next project should be eliminating the mistakes similar to those you encountered before and prevent the appearance of the new ones.