How to Check Work of Location Services of a Mobile Application?

Executing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing one must carefully check main functional and nonfunctional issues of the tested software product and find all significant defects.

Location services are important for many mobile programs. That is why one should check them carefully during mobile testing if they are involved in work of the software.

There are conditions interfering with operation of location services. A software testing company recommends trying to use the software location services under those conditions.


In Order to Check Thoroughly Operation of Location Services it is Wise:

  • to move the mobile device around energetically in order to activate movement sensors;
  • to go in one direction and abruptly stop several times; such actions may prevent the mobile software from calculating the device next location;
  • watch the location services functioning when the device moves in and out of dead spots;
  • check how location services behave when the tablet, smartphone or mobile phone loses connection with one network and connects another one;
  • watch how the software product determines location indoors and outside;
  • try to use the tested application under various weather conditions and in various times of day.

Such investigation is useful for a mobile software product but it is irrelevant for web site testing or desktop testing.