How to Check Some Cookie Related Aspects of a Web Site?

It is known that every type of software products has its own specific nature. Every mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing requires considering specific features of the product under test.

Experts in manual and automated testing of web software products should pay attention to cookies.

Cookies are created by web sites and web application for storing some user data on the user devices. The role of these inconspicuous text files is considerable in interaction with web software. They contain important data allowing to customize the user experience. The most of web sites cannot function without cookies. 

Testing Web Software One Should Verify Such Cookies Related Aspects:

  • How the site behaves when cookies are disabled in the browser. Most of the functions will probably not work, but the system must not crash. A message suggesting to enable cookies in the browser should appear.
  • How the site functions when some cookies are rejected. In order to do it one should choose the required option in the browser settings. Then the user will be able to accept or deny any cookie.
  • What happens when the cookies are deleted. For this test one must allow the software to write the cookie and then delete them.

Different manipulations with cookies should be included in functional testing, security testing, cross-browser testing and so on.