How to Build Your Testing Reputation in Software Testing Company?

There are a lot of articles about how to create a reputation as a professional tester. But success will come only if you will work hard on building a portfolio and profile. You can have the career you want by establishing your reputation systematically.

Three main advices how to build your testing reputation:

  • Form your knowledge;
  • Make a portfolio;
  • Build a network.

Form Your Knowledge

It means that you should try to read all you can about outsourcing software testing, mobile application testing, automated testing  and load testing. If you would like to learn about something exact or unusual - ask someone who is fervently involved with it.

Try to compare and apply what you read to the testing you conduct. For becoming a professional in software testing company you should analyze the work of skilled software testers trying to notice what exactly they do.

Make a Portfolio

You can become a member of movement with chapters from all over the world. In these communities testers gather online for mobile application testing and for discussing what they’ve learned about testing itself. At the same time, they build reputation and community and you become a part of it.

Build a Network

Try to show your experience about software testing in your personal blog or in community networks. Testers from different software testing companies will answer to what you write with offers of advice and other views. Receive them as presents and as opportunities to continue the conversation. You can use these to connect it with other communities or for your future activity.