How to Adapt Your Performance Testing to the Rapidly Changing Modern Software?

Nowadays with the rapid development of modern technologies, the new software tends to be very unpredictable at times, as it is constantly being modified and improved. Thus, software testing becomes more complicated.

While some software testing types tend to be predictable and repeatable, performance testing tends to solve problems depending on the situation (while even functional testing tends to move towards standardization).

What Should We Do to Adapt Our Performance Testing?

  • First of all, the tools you use should not be systematic or prescriptive. Use the most flexible you can find.
  • The tools you use should rather have less but more useful functions, the ones you will really need in your work, than be over-crammed with features you will hardly even use.
  • When choosing tools, take into consideration whether they have such an option as script-generating rules or they require user-input.
  • Another option that you should think of is the tool’s ability to handle forms that contain many fields to be filled in.
  • A professional software tester should be able to implement new innovative methods.
  • A real professional should be familiar with coding, as some tools may require using it.