How to Achieve Balance Between the Software Quality and Project Limitations?

It is well known that every process stops at a certain point. This refers to mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing as well.

It may be hard to determine when the tests should stop even for experienced project managers, as they mostly go by budget and time constraints.

If the limitations are tight, upper managers frequently save time with sacrifice in software testing. If there are no strict limitations, they tend to overdo testing of the application what results in growing expenses rather than increasing quality of the product.

It’s Common Knowledge That:

  • it is impossible to create a completely error-free application;
  • an application mustn’t contain serious software bugs.


The software testing company should determine criteria after meeting which the works must stop. This allows the development team to construct high quality and at the same time cost efficient program. The project managers should plan all the processes carefully.

To be Able to Elaborate a Good Plan and Set Priorities One Should Take into Account:

  • project risks that include budget limitations, deadlines, provision of required equipment and experts, and so on;
  • product risks that include quality assurance aspects.

When priorities are set, test engineers know on what aspects to concentrate in the first place performing e-commerce testing, game testing or web site testing. In this case they will be able to find the majority of serious defects of the software for even short time and will know at what point to stop.